Facility and Equipment


Die Casting Department
  • Aluminum capabilites 200 to 700 ton
  • Zinc capablities 150 to 500 ton

Aluminum: 2 ounces to 12 pounds
Zinc: 2 ounces to 15 pounds

Trimming Department

Ten trim presses from 1 ton to 50 ton

Secondary Machining Department

Facilities for secondary machining, including vibratory finishing, and thermal deburring capabilities.

Toolmaking Department

Heritage Die Casting can provide technical support, tool design, and construction of die cast tools and trim dies. Facilities to maintain die casting dies, trim dies, and machining fixtures.

Product Evaluation Department

Inspection facilities including VJ Technologies Real-time X-ray, Angstrom Spectrograph, Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machine, optical comparator, microscope, gauges, micrometers, surface plates, and capabilities for internal testing and specific gravity testing.

Computer Capabilities
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • CAD system

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Heritage Die Casting Company
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